the inception journey of this work of art firstly triggered by the thought process and then lands into conceptual orientation and subjectivity. secondly, the physical embodiment of the work process converted into material implementation and precise technological facets and it is also derived as a material manifestation and technological aspect acts as an interface for conceptualization and subjectivity.

this lineage of art never represents old or new (aging) in accordance with my timeline of experience. it's happening. it's an entity it would reflect as relative nature whereas one penetrates into it, it would transform as mere witness. it would also be transpired as a continuity of aesthetical grammar.

this work of art would exist as the representation of some source of infinity- It ensues on its own immunity which braces its own value instead of any extrinsic values. it reflects boundaryless stimulations in order to raise the sensitivity of the spectator's mind state. to conceive that the spectator should be without any preconceived notions.

in this work of art, no emotional dilly dally or spontaneous feeling take charge. nevertheless, it's a conscious attempt from intuition.

all these happenings evolved according to the responsibility of nature's own law of existence.