These works of art exist through Rajchandar Balasubramanian (Indian printmaking artist, born Chennai 1970) known as b a a l a a . r,-full-fledged free-lance artist creating artwork in printmaking especially in etching, completed bachelor of fine arts in 1990 and master in 1999 from college of fine art in Chennai. Founder of printmaking studio called Timeproofart.

These works of art stand out in two aspects, first the thought process arrived into conceptual orientation accordingly subjectivity arises to build the artworks. Secondly, physical build of work process was converted into material implementation using apt technological aspect. on other hand material manifestation and technological aspect are interface for conceptualization and subjectivity.

These works of art never represent old or new (aging) according to time line of my experience. It’s a happening, it’s an entity. May be when one starts viewing, it will reflect as relative nature but if one penetrates, it will become as just witness.

These works of art did not happen out of emotional display or spontaneous feelings, instead it is a conscious attempt perceived from intuition which accommodates to harmonize the same.

These works of art exist as the representation of source of infinity…it stands out on its own immunity, comes from its own value instead of any external values. It reflects boundaryless stimulations to raise the sensitivity of spectator’s state of mind. For that, viewers need to standout, without pre conceived notions.

It could be understood from all the following artworks, descriptions and stimulations that the ‘purpose’ of the whole ‘attempt’ is to eliminate the gap between ‘human society’ and ‘nature’; and for this the collective consciousness of the entire human society becomes the ‘positioning’ of the artist.